Institute of Asset Management Research

General Manager

Hirokazu Fujie

Principal Activities

  • Supporting and consulting investors on sophisticated asset management and controlling risk
  • Research and information provision on asset management via portfolio analysis, etc.
  • Performance analysis and information provision on investment trusts*1
  • Research and information provision on domestic and foreign investment trust markets
  • Maintenance of NBA*2 investment trust data

Offering sophisticated information and consulting services for asset management

The Institute of Asset Management Research (IAMR) utilizes portfolio analysis, development of NBA investment trust/stock models, research and analysis of investment trusts and hedge funds, and other tools to provide information and consulting services on asset management to a wide range of investors, including financial institutions, educational institutions and other public-interest corporations and non-listed companies.

IAMR has a wealth of practical experience relating to asset management, analytical know-how amassed over many years as well as a wide range of information on domestic and foreign financial products. IAMR therefore can provide multifaceted assessments and analyses useful in improving efficiency and risk control in asset management.
The Institute also offers financial institutions consulting services from an Asset-Liability Management (ALM) perspective to ensure efficient investment risk management.

Providing solutions tailored to customer needs

Appropriate risk management adaptable to changes in the investment environment has become all the more significant in allowing investors to boost their profits through asset management. This trend holds true not only for financial institutions but also for educational institutions and other public-interest corporations that have heretofore had limited investment options.

IAMR works with SMBC Nikko Securities to support a variety of investors and enable them to make rational investment decisions based on the asset investment theory. IAMR’s strength can be found in its ability to gauge and analyze a customer’s assets and provide information for earning returns efficiently in line with the customer’s needs.

*1 The Company is an investment trust performance ratings agency.
*2 NBA, short for Nikko Bond Analysis, is a system offered by SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. to primarily financial institutions and other corporate investors for managing and analyzing financial products.

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