Providing customers with cutting-edge financial information

Nikko Research Center, Inc. comprises three research institutes – the Institute of Social System Research, the Institute of Asset Management Research and the Institute of Investment Technology – as well as the Office of the Advisory Board and the Financial Education Promotion. As a research company belonging to the SMBC Nikko Securities Group, we provides a broad range of financial information and:

  • conducts research studies on the macroeconomy, monetary policy, etc.
  • conducts research studies on responsible investment
  • carries out analyses of investment trust and hedge fund performance, and develops portfolio analysis tools for investors
  • engages in research and development of cutting-edge investment methodologies, risk management methods and other financial engineering
  • promotes investment education

Although we are a member of a corporate group, it is able to utilize its expertise and impartiality as a research company to provide customer-oriented analysis and advice.

As a think tank we also focuses on research in advanced fields of finance. For example, we were quick to begin research studies on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria that have garnered attention as non-financial indicators of corporate sustainability, positioning itself as one of Japan’s pioneers on the leading edge of this field.

Our key strengths lie in its brand power as a research company built up over 50 years and on its own, its wealth of databases and innovative analytical know-how, and the trustworthiness and Group synergy it enjoys as a member of the SMBC Nikko Securities Group.

We helps corporations, institutional investors, pension funds and educational institutions resolve problems by providing them with the findings from advanced research studies and other information which corresponds to the bank-securities retail integration business model and the bank-securities one-stop wholesale business proposals that our parent company SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. has developed with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.

We are firmly committed to providing a broader spectrum of users with its research findings and its know-how accumulated over long years of service to the SMBC Nikko Securities Group and to the Group’s customers.

Shunshi Kira

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