Institute of Investment Technology

General Manager

Shin Motoyama

Principal Activities

  • Provision of quantitative analysis/processed data on stocks and bonds
  • Provision of various quantitative models
  • Valuation of stock options, etc.
  • Quantitative analysis/research on securities markets
  • Studies/research on asset management methodologies
  • Studies/research on AI technologies

Meeting Your Requirement with the Leading Investment Theory and Long-experienced Analytical Skills

Financial and capital markets underwent a rapid transformation in the 1980s due to deregulation and globalization, sparking greater demand for the development of scientific, strategic investment methodologies. The need for new financial technology-based investment management approaches arose in Japan as well, and in 1989 the Institute of Investment Technology (IIT) was established for the purpose of carrying out theoretical research on investment technologies and developing investment/valuation models and other quantitative models.

IIT has for many years conducted fundamental research on quantitative analysis of securities markets, earning a good recognition in particular for its quantitative analysis of practical applications of portfolio and option theories. IIT’s forte is the data handling capability relating to securities market analysis, along with the unique edge IIT has gained in the course of offering various benchmark indices over the years. IIT also possesses advanced programming skills in statistical analyses and simulations in the securities markets, and leverages those skills to make full use of integrated securities databases broadly.

There has been increasing need among not only institutional investors but individual investors for information on investment theory-based analytical methods and on market information and investment models. IIT has been supplying these investors with high-quality information suited to their respective requirements.

With a view to utilizing AI technologies

The use of AI technologies is rapidly spreading across various sectors, and the financial market is no exception with its active incorporation of AI technologies, such as text mining and deep learning.

IIT, through study groups with universities, carries out fundamental research on AI technologies in the financial field, including financial text mining. The research outcomes are released on our company website, to the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, and more. By fusing such research outcomes and the analytical skills we have cultivated over many years, we also provide useful information and conduct research and development of analytical tools for investment management.

New financial products, trading methods, and analytical methodologies are constantly being introduced, and the investment environment is evolving day by day. IIT is striving to adapt to this evolution, utilizing its accumulation of fundamental research to provide information and develop analytical tools that support more effective and efficient investment activities.

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