Institute of Social System Research

General Manager

Yasuyuki Sugiura

Principal Activities

  • Research studies on responsible Investment
    • Supporting disclosure of ESG information
    • Development of evaluation models
    • Survey of overseas responsible investors

The Institute of Social System Research (ISSR) engages in research on responsible investment, which focuses on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. It draws on its research outcomes to provide information to issuers, such as listed companies, as well as institutional investors, and to develop evaluation models.

Supporting ESG information disclosure

ISSR holds a workshop for issuers called “Disclosing Corporate ESG Information Investors need.” Furthermore, it provides individual reports that analyze the status of companies’ ESG information disclosure from materiality and KPI perspectives. In addition, for companies that publish integrated reports, we provide assessments of their integrated reports from the viewpoint of investors.

Development of evaluation models

ISSR has developed Governance Research Scores (GR Scores), a proprietary governance evaluation model that scores corporate governance using Japanese and global corporate governance codes as benchmarks, and measures the strength of governance of listed companies. Based on the GR Scores, ISSR also provides a GR report with a detailed analysis of the governance situation at each company.

Survey of foreign ESG investors

ISSG publishes reports on the trends of global responsible investment by conducting hearings with overseas institutional investors and participating in international initiatives related to responsible investment.

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