Office of the Advisory Board

Research/analysis on real economies and financial markets in Japan and abroad and to make them public

The Office of the Advisory Board (OAB) was established as a new organization in July 2013.

OAB’s activities center on research/analysis of real economies and financial/capital markets in Japan and abroad. OAB conducts short-term research/analysis as well as research/analysis of economies and markets from a long-term perspective, and frequently engages in exchanges of views with business/financial figures and others inside and outside Japan to get firsthand opinions/information reflecting realities.

These research/analysis findings are sometimes compiled as research memoranda that present new perspectives on economics and finance. OAB also marshals comprehensive data on economic conditions, price trends, and market trends in Japan and abroad, and disseminates this information not only in lectures and other presentations to our own clients, financial circles, and the media but also in seminars at central banks and research institutions overseas. Of course, OAB also seeks to put our research/analysis findings to good use in university lectures.

In addition, OAB collaborates with universities and other research institutions in selecting topics for joint research projects, proceeding with these projects and making their findings available to the general public.

Besides, since April 2016, Dr. Hiroshi Yoshikawa, Emeritus Professor, the University of Tokyo has been our Research and Analysis Advisor.

Attentive and comprehensive research/analysis and information dissemination

OAB’s key focus is attentive and comprehensive research/analysis and dissemination of its findings. We consider OAB’s mission to be carefully checking/examining a broad range of basic data, objectively ascertaining present conditions and developing future prospects with an open mind, and disseminating this information in an easily understood manner. We are engaged in research/analysis and information dissemination with that mission in mind.

When considering Japan’s economic/financial future, we believe that revitalizing local economies and improving people’s financial literacy (knowledge and understanding) are key topics. We intend to soundly analyze the present state of local economies and, based on that analysis, consider what is needed to revitalize those economies. We also will give due consideration to the approaches available to increase the public’s knowledge and understanding of finance, and compile our findings on these approaches.

Chairman of the Advisory Board
Hirohide Yamaguchi

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